Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tagged! Google images about me...

See Sarah, I did it! It just took me a while.

Since I don't really have anyone else to tag, I'm just going to tell anyone who wants to know how this one works. I answered the questions and then did a Google image search and chose a picture off of the first page.... here's what I came up with:

Age on my NEXT Birthday:

I dunno, maybe it's because I'm just about as old as the stars now?

Month my Birthday is in:

As a kid, I usually had at least a few birthday presents wrapped in leftover Christmas wrapping paper.

Place I'd like to visit:

I've always thought I'd like to visit Scotland. Maybe it's because of my ancestry, or my love of bagpipes. The latter is definitely not something I got from my dad. He is of the belief that a real man is someone who can play the bagpipes, but DOESN'T.

Favorite place:

Currently I'd have to say this is it. Whether it is at that rare nighttime moment when all is finally quiet or during the wee hours of the morning when I am finally returning to it... It just beckons to me. Of course all of the pictures on the search looked much too serene to be my bed, but even this little spindly sketch represents to me the possibility of SLEEP!

One of my favorite things to do:

I love being creative. Making things. Being artistic. Too bad it can't make us any money. Then maybe we would be able to pay our bills.

Favorite Color:


One of my favorite foods:

Mmmm, love pasta. Especially when it has alfredo sauce AND steak. What could be more lovely and more fattening?

One of my least favorite foods:

Another trait I did not inherit from my wonderful dad. I like them cooked into things, or in salsa, but watching Tracy bite into a whole raw one just gives me the chills. Maybe it's because of a dare at an office party to chug a cup full of them followed by warm orange soda...

Favorite flower:

Ahh, how romantic.

City in which I live:

Love it here.

Name of a past pet:

This even looks like her. I guess naming a Keeshond, Keesha is something that a lot of people think is a fun idea.

A nickname that people call me:

And sometimes I do feel like a loser, baby. Did everybody get the reference? I know, I'm a geek.

College Major:

Was. Hopefully it will be again someday.

My first job:

Technically babysitting, but my first job that generated a W2 was at Northpoint Indexing with my best pal April. Now those were some memorable times. (see answer to least favorite food above)

A hope for 2008:

For 2008 and probably every year to come judging by my lack of discipline. What you probably can't see on the mug is that one stick figure is saying to the other, "Oh my gosh! Did you lose some weight?"
Not that I want to be a stick figure, but it would be nice to have some straight lines rather than being all round!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are we lazy or what?

We were sick. All of us. I felt like I had invented a new kind of lazy. It was called "lying in the fetal position on the living room couch while kids (who got a second wind after puking) ran, sat and jumped on and around me". It was a bad day. And then it was over, but the guilt of doing nothing for a few minutes reminded me of a couple of Leo's recent insights.

1 - He asked me one day if the reason that girls sat down when they went to the bathroom was because their legs were too tired to stand up.

2 - Then I overheard a conversation between Leo and his dad. Leo asked why he was getting a cup with a lid on it and Tracy answered that it was easier to make chocolate milk in it because he could just shake it to mix it. Leo, without missing a beat, answered,
"Yeah, cause if you had to get a spoon and mix it, then your hand would get tired."

Now I ask you... Where is he getting these ideas?

We reach out and meet him at least half way when we ask him to bring us the remote, phone, our drink, or a diaper for the baby. We may even walk to the bottom of the stairs before we yell up to tell him to stop yelling before he wakes one of his brothers from a nap.
I mean, it's not like just the other day, Tracy was fantasizing out loud about being a millionaire and retiring so that he could buy a hover-round to go about his daily routine.
I can't figure out what could be encouraging these perceptions... I guess I could look into it, but it makes me tired just thinking about it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here's your sign...

Don't get me wrong. Most people are very nice and I don't mind answering questions or just conversing with them in general, but I have been thinking that it might be fun to add a few of these answers in next time.

"Are they all yours?"

"No, I usually like to grab a couple of the neighbor kids when I go out in public so that I can experience even more temper tantrums, items being flung from the cart, more packs of gum that have to be purchased because the package has been sucked on, and more trips all the way to the back of the store to go "potty" even though I just asked two minutes ago if anyone had to go."

"I bet you're busy!"

"Actually, the reason I'm tipping the scales is because I sit on the couch all day while they do all the work. It's amazing how those little hands can clean in all of those hard to reach places."

"Do you get ANY sleep?"

"Huh, sleep? I didn't know that was still required of the human body."

"Four under five?"

Yeah, I know... good thing my husband let me leave the other three home, now THAT would have been hard."

"All boys?"

"No, a couple of them are girls. We just got used to all of the boy clothes and haircuts and decided it was easier."

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Story of Us (the Cliff's Notes version)

We met at a comedy show in 2000, and as Tracy will tell it, I wouldn't give him the time of day. After turning down two of his roommates (never before and never again will I be such a hot commodity) we began dating. I was proposed to on a moonlit cliff overlooking the desert in Escalante, Utah and of course I said "YES"! We were married in the Salt Lake Temple in April of 2001.
When we decided that we wanted to start our family and find out just what a mini Tracy and Becky would look like, we were given about a 10% chance of conceiving on our own. Trying not to let the statistics get us down, we began fertility drugs. Not long after, I went in to the hospital for knee surgery only to be turned away because the pre-surgery blood tests held a great surprise...

Tracy Leo Simpson, II was born in September of 2003. Leo was our first little miracle.
Now we were under the assumption that we would have to begin fertility treatment
again when we decided to add another member to our little family.
You know what happens when you assume don't you?
When Leo was 8 months old, we found out some great news...

Evan Robert Simpson was born in January of 2005.
Hmmm, apparently our ability had increased beyond 10%. About 8 months later,
we thought it might be time to tempt fate once more.

Jack Owen Simpson was born in June of 2006.
Three boys, and the oldest was not yet three. Most people thought we were crazy and some days I truly felt it, but we knew we were very blessed and were excited to settle down and raise our three boys. Tracy had graduated with his English degree from the University of Utah a few years earlier and in trying to decide where it was going to take us, we moved to Logan, Utah possibly to start his Masters'. In an attempt to try to pay off some debt before incurring more, he began a job at Lowe's and was quickly promoted to a manager.
At this point, one would think that we realized that we could get pregnant on our own and yet we had one more wonderful suprise in store.
Oliver Andrew Simpson joined us in May and we feel complete.
With each new pregnancy we held onto the name Lydia, but suprisingly none of our children ended up with it. I'm not quite sure why, but Tracy didn't think it would work for any of them...
Every day, we thank heaven for little boys.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The time has come the walrus said...

Once upon a time there was a girl who created a blog and did not post ANYTHING for over a year... maybe it was fear of committment. It could have also been the pressure of creating something that would make her readers laugh, cry, and rejoice in the perfect blog reading experience. Maybe, it was OCD. After all this girl used to erase and rewrite pages in her journal or tear them out completely in case some one came along to read it. Heaven forbid her feelings be thought dumb or appear grammatically incorrect. So take this as it is. Here for your reading pleasure and just for an occasional update: Our Blog.