Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are we lazy or what?

We were sick. All of us. I felt like I had invented a new kind of lazy. It was called "lying in the fetal position on the living room couch while kids (who got a second wind after puking) ran, sat and jumped on and around me". It was a bad day. And then it was over, but the guilt of doing nothing for a few minutes reminded me of a couple of Leo's recent insights.

1 - He asked me one day if the reason that girls sat down when they went to the bathroom was because their legs were too tired to stand up.

2 - Then I overheard a conversation between Leo and his dad. Leo asked why he was getting a cup with a lid on it and Tracy answered that it was easier to make chocolate milk in it because he could just shake it to mix it. Leo, without missing a beat, answered,
"Yeah, cause if you had to get a spoon and mix it, then your hand would get tired."

Now I ask you... Where is he getting these ideas?

We reach out and meet him at least half way when we ask him to bring us the remote, phone, our drink, or a diaper for the baby. We may even walk to the bottom of the stairs before we yell up to tell him to stop yelling before he wakes one of his brothers from a nap.
I mean, it's not like just the other day, Tracy was fantasizing out loud about being a millionaire and retiring so that he could buy a hover-round to go about his daily routine.
I can't figure out what could be encouraging these perceptions... I guess I could look into it, but it makes me tired just thinking about it.

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Foster Family said...

I feel like I have to come clean... I did it. I finally did it. When Matt complained one day when I asked him to run upstairs and get something for me, I said, "Your legs are younger than mine." I swore up, down, and sideways when Mom said that to us when we were kids that I would never say that to my kids. Famous last words.