Friday, October 31, 2008


This was our inspiration this year:

These are the final products:

Leo had to be Darth Vader after he got such a cool light saber for his birthday.

Evan had different ideas every day, but was pretty consistent with Spider-man.
He has about the next five Halloweens planned out though.

Jack as Iron-man. He plays the part well!

And of course, our Ollie-gator.
What do you think? Would you give these guys candy?

p.s. Evan thinks that all moms use the day before Halloween to finish making costumes.
Let's not tell him any different...

Monday, October 27, 2008

All types of "ADD"...

At our house we apparently suffer from several forms of "ADD". I'd have to say the most common among all of my boys is "Always Distracted Disorder". This they get from their dad.
I am sitting at the computer researching some items on our Christmas wish lists and I happen to find a great deal on one greatly desired item. As I bounce the little one on my lap and Jack climbs under my legs, I realize that my purse and debit card are ALL of the way downstairs!
I ask Jack if he would like to get mommy her purse from the diaper bag. Off he goes on excited little feet repeating his mission to himself...
2 minutes later...
He arrives with a package that I have been meaning to send off. Sorry again James... "Always Delayed Disorder"?
I take the package and send him again to collect my purse. He runs off happily and soon I hear him playing downstairs with his brothers... distracted...
"Jack, are you bringing my purse?"
2 minutes later...
He comes proudly into my room with his hands held out in front of him, fingers and thumbs pinched together holding what I can only imagine are the two smallest invisible purses one has ever come across.
"Thanks Jack"
Here's where you will begin to see how lazy I can really be.
"Leo, Evan"...
"Leo, Evan"...
This is where they develop "Alittlebit Deaf Disorder".
This combined with "Always Distracted Disorder" can become quite the mess.
"Huh, I didn't hear you, I was too busy trying to reach the breakable Halloween decorations which made me want to go dump out all the crayons and draw a spooky bat, which made want to dig through the drawers to find the bat cookie cutter and make a peanut butter bat sandwich...
Sorry, were you talking to me?"
Several minutes later Evan finally arrives with the purse and hurls it across the room at me.
What, Paypal session timed out? How could that be?
After logging back in and trying several times to enter the correct card information with Jack trying to climb on and off the half of my lap that is still unoccupied, my mission is finally accomplished. Evan better really appreciate his Dora, Journey to the Purple Planet PS2 game.
Then I begin to smell Oliver's current form of ADD. "Alotof Dirty Diapers"
Crap (no pun intended), I just used the last diaper off of the changing table. I guess I will have to get one from downstairs.
"Leo, Evan, Jack..."
Here we go again.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A little vacation.

We haven't really had a vacation as a family... well... ever. This year Tracy was able to get some time off for the Elk hunt and so we packed up the family and headed down to Loa to visit Grandpa Rob. We also got a wonderful chance to visit Great Grandma Margean in Escalante.

I have to say that after spending 11 days away from home with four little boys... I was just about ready for a vacation! We had a great time though and here are a few highlights:

This is what the campsite looked like
when we first got there...
by the next morning it was snowing and so
we decided to go back to Grandpa's.
At least the boys got to experience
sleeping in the trailer for one night.
They were so excited to be in the "forest".

The favorite activity at said camping spot?

Everything to do with DIRT!
This is what the boys looked like
for pretty much the whole day.

Ollie was the only one who stayed clean.

Brrr... Cold.

Rides on the 4-wheeler with Grandpa.

Leo couldn't be convinced this time,
but he was a trooper and got his turn when he
went hunting with the Big Boys.
It was too cold for the boys to have a campfire at the
camp site, so Grandpa lit one up for them in his fire pit.
Evan was the only one who actually
attempted roasting a marshmallow.
I don't think it was edible when he was done.

Brrr... still cold... and windy!

Jack's favorite thing at Grandpa's?
The "trampapleen"!!

Gathering apples and flying airplanes in Great Grandma Margean's backyard.

All piled on Grandma Margean!

We hope it won't take us so long to do this again!

For James...

I know of a girl who is lame.
But has a cool older brother named James.
His birthday came and went,
but his package wasn't sent.
Just know she still loves you the same!

It's not much, but I'll send it soon.
Please know that we were thinking of you on the 13th when you turned 35. (right?)
p.s. I bet you still look great in knee socks!