Saturday, September 6, 2008

He was almost too shy to have a birthday!

Five years ago yesterday, after a little more than fifteen hours of labor and two and a half hours of pushing, Leo made his way into the world with a small sigh-like wimper. Maybe he was too shy to cry. Leo is our helper, our cautious child, and yet has a great sense of humor. He is quite the budding artist and loves playing video games with his dad. He loves to play outside and recently got a new baseball bat and a ball which he can hit clear across the yard. He can create just about as much noise and commotion as the next kid, but for the most part he is our quiet, thoughtful boy. He began to worry about all of the attention he would be getting on his birthday when he saw me hanging up his birthday banner. He did begin to relax as the day wore on and he realized how nice it could be to be so loved and celebrated on his special day. Here are a few pictures of him opening some of his presents. These shots seem to have a recurring theme...

Did you see it? You probably did as long as you weren't wearing the same expression as Leo.
I promise the kid has eyes. Big blue ones at that, but he works really hard to get the "cheese" out when someone takes his picture. Funny boy!

And here it is... the grand daddy of all presents from grand daddy Rob. A "real" lightsaber.
And below are Ollie and Grandpa Rob enjoying said lightsaber.

Thank you everyone who sent cards, presents, and Happy Birthday wishes. Leo had a very special fifth birthday! We love you Leo!

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Foster Family said...

Happy Birthday, Leo!! We love you so much! Being 5 is so exciting and we hope this year is the best!
Mary, Steve, Matt, Rachel, and Bailey