Friday, September 5, 2008

I should get a punch card.

I've joked with our pediatrician before that I should just have a standing appointment with four kids so close together. One of them gets a stuffy nose and we are suddenly knee deep in snot. In addition to well visits for all of them, we have had several ear infections, one set of tubes, some asthma, rotovirus, hand foot and mouth disease, chicken pox (yes even with the immunization),
allergic reactions.... You know a little of everything. Let's add into the mix that they are all boys and then I think I deserve a punch card for the Emergency Room/Instacare.
Pay for nine visits and the tenth one is free...
Leo has had a broken arm and an emergency visit to the eye doctor after being shot close range with a velcro nerf dart. You could actually see the velcro pattern on his eyeball. The local instacare is starting to recognize us after Evan had to have his chin glued shut and Jack had to have stitches above his eye just a few months apart.
This is our latest mishap.
I can guarantee that his face didn't look like this when they were putting that bugger on!!

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