Monday, October 20, 2008

A little vacation.

We haven't really had a vacation as a family... well... ever. This year Tracy was able to get some time off for the Elk hunt and so we packed up the family and headed down to Loa to visit Grandpa Rob. We also got a wonderful chance to visit Great Grandma Margean in Escalante.

I have to say that after spending 11 days away from home with four little boys... I was just about ready for a vacation! We had a great time though and here are a few highlights:

This is what the campsite looked like
when we first got there...
by the next morning it was snowing and so
we decided to go back to Grandpa's.
At least the boys got to experience
sleeping in the trailer for one night.
They were so excited to be in the "forest".

The favorite activity at said camping spot?

Everything to do with DIRT!
This is what the boys looked like
for pretty much the whole day.

Ollie was the only one who stayed clean.

Brrr... Cold.

Rides on the 4-wheeler with Grandpa.

Leo couldn't be convinced this time,
but he was a trooper and got his turn when he
went hunting with the Big Boys.
It was too cold for the boys to have a campfire at the
camp site, so Grandpa lit one up for them in his fire pit.
Evan was the only one who actually
attempted roasting a marshmallow.
I don't think it was edible when he was done.

Brrr... still cold... and windy!

Jack's favorite thing at Grandpa's?
The "trampapleen"!!

Gathering apples and flying airplanes in Great Grandma Margean's backyard.

All piled on Grandma Margean!

We hope it won't take us so long to do this again!

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Stephanie said...

Wow Becky, 4 boys, well 5 if you count Tracy! How are you doing and where you do you live now? Sammie sent me your blog. You'll have to email your email address and I'll invite you to ours. (ritzcarltonclub address). Take Care. Steph