Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tagged! Google images about me...

See Sarah, I did it! It just took me a while.

Since I don't really have anyone else to tag, I'm just going to tell anyone who wants to know how this one works. I answered the questions and then did a Google image search and chose a picture off of the first page.... here's what I came up with:

Age on my NEXT Birthday:

I dunno, maybe it's because I'm just about as old as the stars now?

Month my Birthday is in:

As a kid, I usually had at least a few birthday presents wrapped in leftover Christmas wrapping paper.

Place I'd like to visit:

I've always thought I'd like to visit Scotland. Maybe it's because of my ancestry, or my love of bagpipes. The latter is definitely not something I got from my dad. He is of the belief that a real man is someone who can play the bagpipes, but DOESN'T.

Favorite place:

Currently I'd have to say this is it. Whether it is at that rare nighttime moment when all is finally quiet or during the wee hours of the morning when I am finally returning to it... It just beckons to me. Of course all of the pictures on the search looked much too serene to be my bed, but even this little spindly sketch represents to me the possibility of SLEEP!

One of my favorite things to do:

I love being creative. Making things. Being artistic. Too bad it can't make us any money. Then maybe we would be able to pay our bills.

Favorite Color:


One of my favorite foods:

Mmmm, love pasta. Especially when it has alfredo sauce AND steak. What could be more lovely and more fattening?

One of my least favorite foods:

Another trait I did not inherit from my wonderful dad. I like them cooked into things, or in salsa, but watching Tracy bite into a whole raw one just gives me the chills. Maybe it's because of a dare at an office party to chug a cup full of them followed by warm orange soda...

Favorite flower:

Ahh, how romantic.

City in which I live:

Love it here.

Name of a past pet:

This even looks like her. I guess naming a Keeshond, Keesha is something that a lot of people think is a fun idea.

A nickname that people call me:

And sometimes I do feel like a loser, baby. Did everybody get the reference? I know, I'm a geek.

College Major:

Was. Hopefully it will be again someday.

My first job:

Technically babysitting, but my first job that generated a W2 was at Northpoint Indexing with my best pal April. Now those were some memorable times. (see answer to least favorite food above)

A hope for 2008:

For 2008 and probably every year to come judging by my lack of discipline. What you probably can't see on the mug is that one stick figure is saying to the other, "Oh my gosh! Did you lose some weight?"
Not that I want to be a stick figure, but it would be nice to have some straight lines rather than being all round!


Foster Family said...

I never knew that you like Bagpipes... BUT I DON'T DOUBT IT!!!!

;) See ya later Bek.


Terri said...

Oh Beck! I love it that you did the tag!!! This blogger world is so much more fun and interesting with old friends to share our memories with!
T* :)

Sarah said...

So I don't even remember getting tagged in the first place. So is there another Sarah in your and Mary's lives? I love reading your blog. James just read it the other night. Thanks for keeping us up on what is going on in your life.