Monday, November 28, 2011

Tis the Season...

 This year we had the opportunity to partake in an awesome tradition from Tracy's younger years.

Our first "straight from the woods" Christmas tree! Now it may not look like much above, but in our small living room it has enormous character.

The boys of course thought it was an adventure just tromping through the snow and collecting sticks. Once our tree wiped it's last sappy tear and said goodbye to his forest friends we welcomed him into our home for much anticipated decorating.  Each year the boys get to pick out a new ornament for the tree. Usually it represents something that they are into that year and they love pulling out the memories each Christmas.  Not quite sure Evan will be happy to hang Dora on his first bachelor tree, but hey at least he will have the option!  Last year because of the rising cost of well..everything, I convinced them that we should make these.

They each got to paint their favorite color on a homemade Lego ornament.  They loved it!  To keep them happy (insert evil laugh here), I kindly decided that we would make ornaments again this year.  Here is what we started with for less than 10 bucks:

Can you see the vision yet? Next they each got to paint their own with the base color.

This is the drying stage after a few "touch-ups" from mom.  Can you tell yet?

 After the detailing and a coat of clear spray paint, the kids were ready to find them a special place on the tree.

Now we will just cross our fingers that our tree will still be alive for our Angry Birds to nest in for Christmas!


Sarah said...

Ah Beck! If there was one persons who could make angry birds out of wooden balls, it's you! They are adorable! Have a merry Christmas! Xoxo, Sar-bare

Helen Graham said...

Hi, Thanks very much for sharing this tutorial. I've featured it in my Top 10 list of Decorations for Kids. Hope you can stop by