Monday, May 18, 2009

I knew I wouldn't be good at this...

Sadly, when I actually attempted to keep a journal, many of the entries began like this:

"I can't believe how long it has been since I've written."

The last few months have been a comedy/suspense/horror/drama and a whole lot of peanut butter sandwiches all rolled up in one. (notice I didn't mention action... I get winded just putting my pants on in the morning.) I'd like to keep my promise and finally post a couple of pictures of Evan's birthday. I thought I would throw in the other two boys who celebrated their birthdays too! I hope that I'm not giving anyone false hopes though by being such an over-achiever.

Here's the birthday boy waking up to his stash. Who looks like he's more into the whole thing to you? You may notice a theme as we continue...

Evan requested a "pink piggy cake" and had to make sure that he was wearing his Geoffrey the Giraffe crown to blow out the candles.

Next on the birthday list was Oliver, turning a great big one! He didn't have much of an opinion about his cake, so I made it Oscar the Grouch peeking from his can if you can't tell from the picture. The little Slimey cake was Ollie's very own to devour.

This is the one year old NOT devouring his cake. But don't worry... after his one dainty little finger-full of frosting, someone else at least got some enjoyment out of it.

And boy DID he enjoy it! It makes me wonder what his birthday is going to be like next month if he is having this much fun at everyone else's.

Tracy requested a black forest Batman cake. Hmmm. Don't look too closely, but the cherries that are not lovingly squished between two layers of dark chocolate fudge cake are actually supposed to be in the shape of the Batman symbol. I would have actually had a picture of my "boy at heart" blowing out his candles but he simply extinguished them so fast that I couldn't capture it. Must be all that hot air.
Hopefully, all of my guys will always know what an important day their birthday is to me.

Now after all of this excitement and over an hour just trying to get this posted, I must go muster up some energy for the next post. Plan for around October.

Lovies to anyone who may have stayed around to check this blog,


Sarah said...

I'm glad you are still alive and well. It is a good thing your blog is on my fav list, that way I check it from time to time. I love all the cakes, but my favorite is Oscar and his worm- too cute! Hope all is well. We are looking forward to seeing you in about 2 months.

Jana said...

My hats off to you! I struggle with 2 little boy. I don't know how you do it with 5!!!

Tawnie said...

I check often..I am glad to see that you are alive and well. Your boys are so cute. It takes me weeks some times to to post..Life is just so crazy! I am missing you badly. Talk to you soon!

Robyn said...

YEAH! I'm glad you're back! I missed seeing all the pictures and reading your witty posts! I miss all of you tons and this makes me feel like I'm still kind of in the loop! You have the cutest bunch of kiddies! (I'm not at all biased!) :) the way, such a cute picture of you on Mother's Day!

teona ann said...

So good to hear from you! Looks like you've done a lot of celebrating! Your cakes looked awesome and yummy. Hope all is well for you and your cute little family!